Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to Know a Person’s Heart

The truth is you can to know a friend from an enemy and how to help people you must know who is inside and why.


Does a man love himself more than another person?
How forgiving is he> Does he seek revenge, try to help or run?
What is the importance of family?
Where does he find happiness?
Where does he find comfort?
What causes shame and how he deals with it?
What causes sadness and misery?
What sacrifices will a person make for another?
What does money mean?
What does materialism mean?
What does simple mean?
Does he know what worldly pleasures are?
Can he define love and its meaning?
What does a man fear most and why?
If it were a man’s last day to love and live how would he spend it and doing what with a perfect body or not?
What does a man take with him and leave behind when he dies that will be for eternity?

No man can run from the truth cause there is nowhere to hide come judgment day, no excuses for anyone, for every man knows what he has done wrong and why and he can not tell a lie, for the heart holds all truth of a man. How many knows the eyes themselves and what all they tell no matter the words spoken? A man isn’t born with all the answers but time reveals all things to those who seek the truth and good in all mankind that God made life for in the beginning.

? What are the 7 Deadly Sins?
According to "tradition" the 7 Deadly Sins are;
Pride =looks up to self thinks he does no wrong, mocho likes to impress to be looked up too and accepted, puts others beneath them thinking they are better than others

Lust =never satisfied, hard to please, wants more than a person needs, no self respect or for others

Anger = caused by not getting what a person wants, makes no sacrifices for others, uses it to put fear in others to get satisfaction, control and power

Covetousness = greed, jealousy, will harm another for self wants and desires, never satisfied with what he has,

Envy = wanting what others have, jealousy, buy to possess things, materialistic

Sloth = lazy, putting self first to let others do for you, not working with God but wanting him to do it all for you like you deserve it

Gluttony= addictions, lack of self control

And, According to the Bible, the 7 things the Lord hates are:
Proverbs 6:16-19
"There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to Him:
haughty eyes,-evil eyes to put fear in people for control and power, uses anger

a lying tongue, -to get what one wants with a lie

hands that shed innocent blood, - kills without a care or stabs people in the heart without a care to human life and feelings

a heart that devises wicked schemes,- mediated evil to harm others for revenge, pain or misery for pleasure

feet that are quick to rush into evil,-doing evil without thoughts for pleasure

a false witness who pours out lies- hypocrits, uses God for money

and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers."- people who get pleasure out of pain caused among others, gossip to destroy lives, lives on others pain and misery

God’s Words, His Message

You know reading email and knowing your friends and who they are makes one think. We share humor, smiles, words of wisdom, life, love, kindness and friendship. Though distance between us we never forget our friends and family who care. I wander if we got to choose where we all lived according to friends and family who stuck together how great life would be. Be like a touch of Heaven on earth. But then you hear too much time causes anger, jealousy and no privacy but not so if all loves and no harm done. Loving unconditional not trying to rule another’s life but enjoy all the good in each other. We have to choose our homes and where we live based on income, jobs and health. Can you imagine all of us living in one community together? Taking all the good we know and putting it to good use. Wow dancing, music, outdoors, bbq's, joking, a friend to talk too and a shoulder to cry on, having each other near to get thru the good and bad times that is out of our control, finding time around our work would be easier because that is a necessity of life and time is even more scarce these days with our schedules of responsibilities. A circle of love with God in the center to hold us all together. The greatest cure for depression and misery is love one another as you want to be loved yourself. What can pick you up and put a smile on your face in anytime? Love. It should be contagious and our community of love will grow and to me the more the merrier cause then no one has time to get bored or find faults if they loving for all the right reasons. We all make mistakes learn from them, don't repeat them, we are all human. Enemies put coals on the fire; true love puts the fire out. Love always and forever.

How to explain things that get people to understand and simplify. Bonding of the hearts. The bond between God, and us how we know him, feel him, talk to him and not see him. The same as marriage should be and it can be seen, felt and someone to talk to that we can talk to in person, so we are not alone in the flesh. Marriage and divorce good examples of how a relationship with God is. Some stay with him, some don't. They forget and enjoy life without him to please themselves thinking he is always with them forgiving them no matter what they do, which is the same as using God to please self. Same as marriages and he knows that himself. So everyman has a chance while living. For a Christian to fall astray and not come back is worse than knowing him the first time for it is harder each time. He can't make them stay with him, but he is always there trying till death do they part to keep the bond together but never forces no one. Divorce was made for those whose hearts don't stay joined but always remember marriage is sacred and not to be taken lightly or used as people today do and don't care, have a good reason for just anything isn't a reason, as law changed in 1970 to make it easy. He gave all reasons in the New Testament and he knows 2 believers will never part for any reason and will forgive to return to love if they know true love and where it comes from and not forced to do so but is a will from within to love each other as we love God but always put God first and mate second, for love is the same, one on earth and one in Heaven to love equally and do for and no harm done. God's love comes first cause he made us and thru him we know love ourselves and he never stops loving where a man can. All true happiness comes from love and all he made, for us to share with him as he shares with us. Simple things, not man made brings a true smile and memories that last, tears of joy, laughter and more. Love also comes with pain and suffering that a man as Jesus done must suffer to know love. To ignore it and feel nothing a man's heart will grow cold. Punishment comes with our sins only to stop us, as we do our kids, not to repeat sin for to repeat sin that hurts someone is a repeated offender who cares not. Always remember bonding of hearts is more than making love, it is the comfort and togetherness that is felt and said when you say nothing or do nothing at all. Just holding each other and being together means alot. Hearts are together when even apart, thinking of each other. Marriage is a way to know God personally for we can't see him, it was to teach us how to know things we can't see, hear or touch with our own hands to prove he is real. The same is done in marriage and a relationship with God to know it is real and not taken for granted for. Proof people need so he gave us proof in life and how we live it to understand all things in the bible. How else does a man know there is a devil and God for no one has seen them, how does man no good from evil if he doesn't see it himself and feel it to know the difference. Which feels better to want it? Which finds true happiness within? Man makes mistakes called sin, thru sin we learn, if we don't learn we repeat them and feel no shame, then where is our love and for who? Stepladder of love, God, spouse, children, family, friends, we all know the bond. Same as animals that we see whom by instinct bond and wean off their children to teach them to survive alone. All will fail and come short but love will hold all things together that love each other the same and forgive and take nothing for granted in life. Love always and forever, eternal love is everlasting. To know this and find a bond is like Heaven on Earth. For all is seen only 2 ways of everything we do in life, see and feel, there is no in between. Only right or wrong. Comes with experience and understanding to know it. For sin wasn't known till curiosity of what could happen and the future not seen. If she had known Eve would never have ate the apple. Think before doing anything to see the consequences later.

Love isn't forced on no man. My reason is because to force love is evil and that is what the devil does with all his temptations for a man not to love at all and how many forget God in everyday living by the things he can see and not the things he can't see. For God should be with us all the time and think of him beside you in everything you do and look at him for approval not self, for we are human. Satin knows every man's weakness and to know yourself and the bible all men must see the truth of all things and where it comes from or he will be deceived in his own thinking. For no man is perfect. God sees all and knows all not to fooled. Don't take forgiveness for granted, for even people don't like that or being lied too. God has the same anger as man but don't use it wrongly to become evil yourself, don't judge or it will come back to you. Everything in life has a meaning and a purpose. Love your enemies as thyself, forgive as God does but don't use it wrong to save yourself and do nothing to earn it. Christians are to love all mankind for without them who will know God. Laws and obeying them come with priceless rewards that money can't buy. Money and materialism root of all evil who use it wrongly to satisfy self, wisdom was meant to use things wisely for good all these things can be used. For God shares all with love and he knows how to appreciate all that is good, use it wisely. People can't be replaced but all else can be. God clothed and fed all things, read it, even the fields with grass and flowers, the animals with their outer coating, food for animals, so did he us, never to be in need but help each other, for all is a circle of love to depend on each other, thru good times and bad. We aren't alone.

Think how fast email gets around today. For what do people fear the most, God, the truth, other people's thinking and what they can loose. For email you see no one and can say anything for a man to choose for himself. If Jesus feared things where would we all end up today? Think here is no fear, facing God is and all a man has done, excuses what will a man have then, for you can't turn back time when it is over, learn from the past, live everyday like your last. Time is only a heartbeat away we take for granted, for every moment in life counts. No man knows his own death and when. None of us deserve nothing for we have all sinned. Be thankful for all things God gives you. How many know his gifts, for they weren't made by man alone.

For those who wander where my writing comes from. It is me and God who talk alone, for I stopped living to want answers of love and life, willing to sacrifice all things I have for love. I asked him how to explain to others in simple language to understand to see what is so confusing to understand in the bible. For he showed me things I myself didn't understand, that only comes from pain and suffering and what feels good to know love itself. My experiences and others to see the consequences that once done can't be changed. Think of someone worse than you to get answers. Don't take my word for anything but find the truth yourself, for I am not perfect and make mistakes. I have to see others and care for them before I do myself to know right from wrong. If I only cared for myself I would get the wrong answers to please myself. Love God gave to all man and all a man needs to never need nothing he gave them all he had, for he isn't selfish but wanted to share it with others. For what good is all things with no one to share it with, for even God has angels to share all his riches with and no harm to anyone. He would be lonely if it were only him. How does God prove his love for all to see? What does he do for you, that is what we should do for others. Nothing in this world can be taken with you when you die but life. Carry others with you to share God's love for he can't do it alone for the devil has power too. When a man dies and goes to hell he sends himself, not God, for God can't do it all alone and give us praise for doing wrong, even he hurts when the innocent hurt that do no wrong. If we could do anything and be forgiven then Heaven would be corrupt again. 2 powers of the universe, God and Satin, the same battle that took place in Heaven is the same on earth. How can God alone stop a man from doing wrong to save him? Think for actions and words can't be taken back. For look how many children God himself has lost and can never recover once they die and knew him not to live for him and all he done was love. Genesis the hidden secrets a man overlooks. Who was here before Adam and Eve and why can't the garden of Eden be reentered, for if a man could he could live in sin forever if he ate from the tree of life, not the tree of knowledge which they done, cause they couldn't see the future and the consequences. Who tempted them for it wasn't God? He only forbid them to let them choose. For he couldn't force them to know him, love him and trust him, for the only proof he had was his word and what he gave man. For God can only fight himself with love, not evil. He only seen good in all he made, he never seen the harm till it was done, or did he? You choose. For God made nothing to harm it or hurt it in anyway, he does all things out of love. So how does he stop it? The same way we stop our kids and how we teach ourselves to know all things. To teach right from wrong you must know love. Jealous God is for he knows no one can give a man more than he can, so why love evil when nothing good comes from it. For evil done to ourselves and done to others is the same as Satin did to God and look where it got him. Satin wants others to suffer as he does and he never stops till you die. Misery and all evil loves company for even it doesn't want to be left alone to suffer. So what was the purpose of making man and life, in hopes love was stronger than evil, we were made to fight back evil to destroy it with love for man was made in God's own image, not Satin's image. The force and power of everyday life is for good and evil. Who controls your life for both can't, for no man can serve 2 masters? So we all are divided even after death, for God alone can't get us to heaven, even he will cry to watch his own children he made suffer for they chose not to love him. Find the same mercy and pity for others as he does and can't change it for free will he gave to all to choose their own happiness whether good or bad. See your own future for no one knows a mans heart but himself and God to know his own punishment for his own sins he alone did himself, ask yourself who made you do it to choose. For I speak to all to warn them, for any man who can't speak of God fears shame of what another thinks before God. God is for all to know him not just ourselves. To live without God a man lives in darkness and sees nothing to know nothing. Who do we please ourselves or God? To please ourselves is what Satin done he was jealous of God and wanted it all to control. God made all to share and done for love and not to control anyone or anything. For God we can't understand for we don't know who created him, we don't have the knowledge from where he came but to know his love is everything a man could want so why not choose good and love over all things we know is bad. His proof comes from his love and his word for he can't prove where he come from for he has always been and will always love and share all he has that a man wants with him. For to deny him life has no meaning and no love in it, nothing would have a purpose and life would be a waste. God didn't make trash, he made love, the only thing he knew good that was true, for how did Satin become evil when he once lived in Heaven. Your life is in your hands, who else do you need to help you that you can't do alone. For health, jobs, money, none is guaranteed perfect. What is the only thing that is perfect we see, feel and touch to comprehend that can't be lost or destroyed. If God didn't need us he wouldn't have made us. He is there for you even after death if you love back for all the right reasons, for he is saving Heaven for the righteous and the wicked shall inherit this earth that will be destroyed and a new one made. His words we can't deny, for all he said is true, how does he save his children. For even the angels are judged. Men made fun of Jesus and laughed at him because they didn't believe him and all he done was love. Look at what he suffered, who would want his suffering and pain to save another man. Would you do it and take his place? What do we fear, the same he did, pain and hurt, but he never stopped loving to save himself.

You know I do talk now more than I ever have. Why because I got hurt too many times loving someone and not understanding why people hurt people. How do I stop people from feeling my pain and never go thru what I have? How do I get others to love before hurting themselves or others and see it so they don't want to do wrong and see what happens doing evil to others or themselves and have to answer to God who has all control of life and can take a man out at any moment and his chances are gone. What if God took a man's life for 1 sin done and never forgave him? Do we condemn our kids for 1 sin or teach them? How does God teach a man to love if no one else can or if no one here is helping him? God has more on him than any man can handle and he begs us who know him to help him cause he can't do it alone. For he knows man can't see him and rather talk to someone that he can see to get answers cause they question how to see and talk to God for answers they can't figure out themselves is right or wrong. I questioned God. Why was I born, I didn't ask to be born and have a choice. I didn't want these choses of good and evil. I wouldn't have theses choices if I was never born. Why am I being punished for what Adam and Eve done, I didn't do it they did, so why do I have to suffer for what they done? God if you knew your children were going to have to choose Heaven and Hell why did you make us and loose your own children? How could I have stopped from being born myself never to live among the good and evil to choose? Then I told God if you had made me perfect then I wouldn't have these worries, pain and hurt, I would never know evil to have to choose, I would never sin and make mistakes. I wanted to die because I got tired of choosing and love wasn't working. I tried it and I am ashamed of it cause if I had succeeded then I myself would have killed God who loves me, who lives inside my heart to never have a chance to live with him or show others his love because that is a sin that can't be forgiven, it is murder to yourself and can’t be forgiven after death. No way out of that once done, you can't come back and say I am sorry to your kids for dieing and being a quitter to let someone else raise them because you couldn't stand the pain and hurt of someone not loving you back and not know why it was so hard to love back. When to me love is simple and easy for those who want too because it should be only returned not used for profit of any kind. What mercy he had for me and I didn't deserve it for I was a quitter on love that I didn't know how to get back and was condemning myself. God told me what if he gave up loving when no one loved him and they seen his punishments as evil and not out of love. What if God stopped loving his children to let them do wrong? There is no good in doing that, he don't stop loving. It was better to help others not do as I did but stop them even if it hurt me worse for God hurts every time he sees his kid do wrong and especially an innocent kid hurt that never done wrong as Jesus and a baby but he couldn't stop it but had the power to do it. If love doesn't get you love back then what does. I talk to him because I want answers. God give me reasons and he does talk to me. Telling people you talk to God they think you are crazy but then don't you pray. Everyman sometime in his life is going to talk to God and how do you get your answer to know right from wrong for everyman has an opinion. Even I asked God that too. You have to think of reasons why God made man and all he was thinking was good. Does he wish now after seeing his kids choose that he never made us, what if he could take back time? Does he ask the same questions I do? Does he say why do they choose to do evil and not love when all he knows is how to love and the good from it? He knows what he can do to stop us but then he would have to destroy what he made, and he made it out of love, not evil. What if he could take back what he done? Why do we punish our kids before they are on their own? We can't stop them after they are gone for everyman leaves home to do their will; we aren't there to stop them? Why do we fear our parents more than others and try to hide our sins from them when we can't hide nothing from God? Why do we not ask our parents the same questions we ask God? We would believe God over any because we know our parents are human and sinned and God didn't. We want our parents to love us not see our sins. But then why don't we think of God in the same way before we sin and he sees all and knows all and we can't lie to him, for he knows our thoughts and reasons. There are no excuses when God knows our thoughts and our reasons, who is putting them there, the 2 we have to serve and choose to serve is the only place our thoughts come from, for we can't think alone either. If we sin it should only be because we didn't know the outcome, but we learn after we do wrong what happens to choose, that should be enough to stop it. We know God is more forgiving than any man can be. We know our own mistakes and the consequences; we know our own suffering and pain. What is better to stop others from feeling it or want them to feel it? For wanting others to feel your pain and suffering is wrong. That is self-pity. To get revenge is wrong for that is evil for evil. Even God don't want us to feel his pain and suffering just see it to help him stop it and the only way to do that is out of love and it will hurt to stop and see the whole world and can you do that and not think of self, for even we can't stop it so we don't have the burdens God has. Feel sorry for him for you can't do it. See his tears, see his anger and why. For all things he does out of love. Take on his job, but we don't want it do we cause we know we can't, we can only help those who let us and love us to know us and why we do it. What can you do to make a difference with your life to help God and not think of self? What will you sacrifice for the love of God? Giving your own life as Jesus is forbidden unless protecting the innocent. For we all were born to love. God rewards us out of love and takes care of us the same we do our own children. If we give them everything they never learn nothing. Can you alone love and stop the evil? No you can't so he can't either, he needs us. So don't blame him when things don't go your way and don't stop loving thinking you can't do it either. How do we know the one God made for us to be with forever? We don't it is the love we know in our hearts for each other. To love all and find one to be with for life is hard. Who has the dedication and devotion to return the same love and never hurt us to trust with our lives? But the same feeling in your heart for God is the same feeling to let you know the one for life in hopes the love is returned but we as humans can't find the one to love us as much as God does for God is the only good man for none of us is perfect. We can only pray to know the same love, we know God will never let us down, always love us no matter what we do but not to take him for granted no more than we take our own life for granted to do as we please and nothing bad ever happen to us, for our own life is ours to choose what we do with it and it shows everyday in how we live. We have to see ourselves and God to know anything and the only way to do that is see others pain and suffering not our own to see where it comes from to do our best to stop it with love. For why do I talk when I myself know my own sins and do not feel worthy to tell no one anything, they have no reason to listen to me. That is the devil trying to stop me cause he knows what people think and he uses my unworthiness to stop me. So to fight the devil back I do out of love for others and God to see past my sins not to as I do but do better than me. I know my punishments and what I deserve is nothing, I just want to please God and help him for his love he gives me that I don't deserve for I am not perfect. I can't have his love for nothing, no more than a man will give his love for nothing in return. I still love people the same as God loves us who do wrong. To get others to love and stop evil that I myself can't do alone but need help to see past my own sins and not condemn me or others but see it to stop it. Call me crazy for talking about love so much but isn't that what we were made for. It wasn't to work, hurt people, and be sick, or have things in this life that are gone when we die. Love and life were to enjoy while living to be blessed to suffer no more when we die as well as he blesses us on earth while living. Anything you get from love returned be thankful for cause none of us deserve it we all sin. You have to earn it love. Sin wasn’t given to you by God freely it was a choice as he gave Adam and Eve and forbid it, they didn't listen. To know him is a choice, for he made you before your parents did, we were a gift to our parents suppose to be out of love not a burden. What would you give up to get one person to Heaven when you alone can't take them all with you, there is no way a man can see everyone to love them except thru God's eyes that he gave us all even a blind man can see in darkness. Even a deaf man can feel and hear that hears not or a man with no hands can feel and never touch. Every man knows love but not everyone knows God to love him back. What is the difference in a sinner than a Christian? Words with no meaning and words with meaning, you can say you know God but everyman does, he makes sure of that. Prove your love to know him is the only way he accepts us as a Christian over a sinner, we make a commitment when we give him our life based on our word and we can't take back our words when they all come from the heart. For what does a sinner do to know God, he has to change his evil ways or what good is love at all. For love wasn't made to do evil and say I am sorry and not mean it to be forgiven. It is also earned by the way we love and do for others. We all have the same love returned daily from God if no one else loves us he does, but who will love him back to join him and not do God wrong. Who is dedicated and devoted to him before self, how did you get to know him is the same way we know people who love him and do for him. If we turn our backs on people who don't love us then we give up doing God's will. We pray for them if we can't help them and they don't love us back. Love God before yourself, for thinking for yourself before someone else we will choose wrong as the devil done for revenge and control to please self, he was jealous. Believe me I know how hard it is to love and say nothing to the ones you love back and suffer for love before I say anything, in fear of loosing another person's love. For how many want the truth, for so many will walk away from the truth not to hear it at all, or get angry. So many don't want to go to church anymore they don't want to, why? Every man has an excuse, just like I do. Some have got hurt by church members and preachers. People condemn and look down on others, when they don't have that right for we are all equal in God's eyes. We are judged by our heart and what we do with it not others wrongs. Judged by God only, for the truth is in our hearts forever it don't die, right or wrong is there to see in how you feel with it. Your heart and own feelings of pain has the answers. Why hurt someone when you know the pain? Gossip hurts, talk helps others see faults not to do it and consequences to choose from. Church is anywhere 2 or more talk of God and how many are doing that and not going to church, for not all men can go to church, some have no way, some have to work, they don't get to choose. How many times have we seen evil and done nothing but kept quiet to please someone for love we want. Fear of loosing love. We suffer for our kids love the same as God suffered for his son Jesus who was killed and done no wrong. We were born with the same instincts as God and we also see it born in animals. Even animals defend their young to save them and teach them. To say you can't do it and it is God's work and not ours is selfish love for self. To be brave stand up for God not to is a coward and fear of loosing love and life and the things in this world we love most. If no one ever talks to me for talking of God then what do I have to loose, the same as what Jesus would have lost if he gave up. For I fear loosing God's love before anyone’s cause I can't take the whole world with me when I die. I know my sins and in fear of all when I face them with God face to face even though I know he is forgiving, to forgive myself is harder, knowing man isn't forgiving as God and a man will never forget another man's wrong doings against him, he has to forgive himself as he does others who do him wrong and all for the right reasons not the wrong ones. Love you all. For I fear of what others think after I speak the truth and what they think of me. Do you think I am too religious or is it I want everyone to know love and enjoy it to have a better life not to live in misery? Do I hide myself now in fear? The bible to me is the foundation of the book of life and love. It wasn't made to scare us but teach us to love and show us the mistakes of others and what happened to warn us. Jesus didn't die to be taken for granted for to please ourselves to do wrong and use forgiveness. To get our way. Love as he did the best you can, take what he did for you and know why, teach as he taught us. A man can kill his own heart while living and live like the walking dead and hear and see nothing but what he wants to see and hear. The same as the rich man did and wanted to return to warn others. To be rich like God a man has the whole world and that is a man's riches. How does he get it? Don't look at money for that is blind. Answers in Matthew 6: 19-24. Plain and simple words as much of the bible is but takes a heart to change to do good and know the price of your own heart and soul. How much is your heart worth to you and your soul? For death is the end of all things to start over again in life or sin we have to stop all things bad to have good. Death has many meanings and being reborn. We know one is certain and not changing at all.

You know I wanted to write a book to go around the world about all I have lived and learned to stop people from hurting each other and to love each other and find true love, to even know my own sins and stop them from doing what I done. How many would buy it and read it? How many read the Bible, how many live it and obey it? Why would they believe me when they don't want to believe God and they want to be right all the time to please self, for all proof lives in a man's heart just some we learn from experience and watching cause listening isn't enough sometimes we have to see it. For all sin was made by man to share just the same as love. Evil is known by man sharing things as the devil shared his words with Eve first before she done anything. How many read life and see it to understand it. Most want to know it and had rather listen to someone talk than find proof. For before the bible was only a man's heart and God spoke then to us directly from what I gather in the bible. He even heard God coming and feared him in shame. I am tired of watching pain and suffering, I want people to be happy. That only comes from true love and true happiness. We all have to love together or it is lost. My best friend and my Father is God, all my friends I know cause our hearts speak to each other even when alone. We don't have time for everyone as we would like cause of family and responsibilities before pleasure, it sure would be nice though to only have fun but that is after death only and earned from living for God first to prove it. Memories of the dead we loved still remain in our hearts and never forgotten. Good memories overcome bad ones so forget the past and live for the present to learn from the past.

You know I did write a book, never figured out how to get it published and then I thought would the money come from a profit of good or evil cause it told my sins and others, but I had no names in it. Didn't want to cause shame or humility to anyone either. So how do I get it around and no harm done and help others. So I only shared that book with a few. Love was given freely so I gave my book a little at a time freely for each man to read by email and print and cost nothing but time and that way I knew someone got to read it and it wasn't a waste, with no ones name but mine for all to read. It was my way of spreading love to all, take time to love, enjoy life, appreciate things, a man can always find a smile, laughter, someone to share life with. Always remember when you are down, someone, somewhere else is worse off than you are and it will make things look better in times of need and when you think you can't handle no more, think of God whose job you don't want cause it is more than one of us can do and he is there with you to comfort you all the time even with everyone else and all his responsibilities. We don't think of him sharing his time cause he is there all the time. How does he hear all of us and have time for each one of us is a miracle in deed cause when we pray we talk as if he is the only one listening and he is only listening to us and no one else. For even God smiles when his children are happy for all the right reasons, give him back a smile too, brighten his day. For we all have good days and bad days, sickness, worries, problems, but we also have all the good too and that gives life a meaning to look forward too each day, in hopes tomorrow will always be better. Good days, full of energy, wouldn't it be nice to feel that way everyday. See I took all the bad in my life to help others and that way it had a reason for me learning it, cause if I knew all I know now I wouldn't do it again. I also live on good memories to know all in life can be good that comes from love to make everyday a reason for living. Let the bad memories be lessons of life only. See God everyday you wake up, he is all around us in everything he made to enjoy life for and thank him for it. We can't make people love us but we can always love back no matter what, cause no one can stop love but a man himself. Pray for love of all mankind to feel it, know it and use it. For all to love no harm is done. Socialize is way to share love and more, food gatherings we all love it as Jesus did when he fed with what and how many. Hermit life who wants it? Amen

Lets all pray together and feel the power of prayer. You know all this writing couldn't be done by me alone, believe it or not I have a hard time thinking of conversation to talk about, never know what people want to talk about for all have different interests. I am a better listener than a talker. Fear of boring folks cause I don't know much conversation. But I do enjoy socializing. Seems the more people around there is never a dull moment. Love is like an energizing battery, keeps you full of life. Comfort like a security blanket. Happiness overflowing. A smile like a ray of sunshine. Tears wash away all things for a brighter day. Fight evil with love and make the devil mad, we can laugh at him and have nothing to worry about for he brings no happiness to anyone except to those who don't fear God but then if they don't fear God they can do anything to anyone and never feel nothing till the end of course then they can't say they weren't warned, guess then they will wish they had more time to get to know God and we can't force no one to listen for they all have too much stubborn pride, we find pity and mercy for those we can't help but never give up hope for any man can change if he wants too. You know wisdom and knowledge of life is prayed for and comes with warning. One book to read warning is Ecclesiastes, 1:18. It doesn't come easy but the rewards are priceless. Proverbs and James have the characteristics of knowing a good heart and choosing evil to have a bad heart. The words in red the color of blood was all Jesus said to us and taught us to do they he done himself. All books have a meaning and a purpose. Alot is repeated over and over for a better understanding and of how times have changed so were the laws. God has never changed for love has always been the same only evil changed and it does so fast, for so much evil now that never was in the beginning to satisfy a man before giving God any time. Be a good listener for no man should argue with God cause a man will loose that argument, but he will talk anytime you want him too and you are willing to listen. He never lies but only tells the truth, like it or not. I myself will never even try to argue with God for he put me here and can take me out anytime, but I will ask him anything without fear. I know the bible is a big book to read and finding time to do that. Each book was wrote by a man, so to read it you put trust in a man to write God's word remember that. I can only pray a man who wrote it didn't make any mistakes for it had to be written for some to believe and have proof. You ever noticed most bibles are given as gifts. How many collect dust or just packed away somewhere?

You know after all God has showed me and taught me it was to help myself and others. For we don't live in a perfect world. It is for a man to see himself and choose to love or not to love for no good comes from evil what so ever but we have to accept it as a battle of life and know where it comes from. Know were our own sins come from and what they do is the only way to help others. You can't see evil in people but the devil who made them do it to help them you have to know where it comes from to help them choose and if they choose wrong they can only blame themselves not God or no one else. It takes a strong will to love to know these things and watch others who hurt themselves and too blind to see it. The only way to show a man anything is give him examples of others and what has happened when they done wrong as did God give us the bible for, he told us what he took from those who used his love, how he tested love, what good things a man done that felt good from love and what he suffered himself for love. He told us the rewards of love. For we aren't to judge or condemn no one but help them find meaning of love and its priceless rewards. God told me to fear him wasn't what he could do to a man but fear is caused from not loving back, fear of loosing love is the only fear a man should have and some use it to control people which is wrong for God himself doesn't do that. When we use God's love it is like controlling him to do our will, when all is equal in love. A will to love not forced to love or gain profit from only want love back, we share all as God shares with us. God shares all with a man who appreciates it and earns it. He loves us all but he can't let a man into Heaven who doesn't love back. For then love has no meaning. He only punishes us to see our own sins to choose to love not to hurt us and our faith is tested like Job's to prove to the devil that love is stronger than evil. Every man will know pain and suffering if he knows love at all and he knows when his test of faith is over the works he must do in return for God's love and it can cause others to hate you if they don't know God and a man is jealous not knowing where our rewards come from that to us are priceless. It takes more willpower to love than to do evil. That is a fact and I can prove it for any man to see himself.

You know God showed me ways to show people things other than people. Materialism we take for granted that can be replaced. A chair holds you up and gives you comfort. If the leg breaks, back broken, arms fall off, it can't do that no more for it becomes disabled and needs help. But we have an option to fix it and help us to hold us again to comfort us once more and even make it better than before. But if that chair is broken and put up to rot then it is only trash and useless to no one and it has no heart and can't feel nothing. A heart loves and is broken; it can be healed with time and love back. It is always fixable but if we choose not to use it cause it is broken then when we die what becomes of it. You know that answer without me telling anyone that knows love and the future. For people aren't replaceable and all else is so don't take nothing for granted. And another thing for kids we raise we in hope they take care of us like we loved them but even parents don't want to burden their kids to do that for all we want is their love and to see them happy, but aging we might have to someday and it hurts us to know we don't have an option on aging for that is our price of our own sins as all men do. The same inheritance we give our kids is the same as God give us that loves him. Our love and all we got in hopes they survive without us for we can't take care of what we leave behind no more after death, but hope they join us in a better place where love is and all a man needs to suffer no more, so no harm is done to them.

You know I didn't understand why God wanted me to tell what I did till now, didn't know who wanted to hear it either, didn't want to offend no one. But he told me if I believed in him be not ashamed and fear not for they couldn't hurt me from here and a man had time to think for himself when he is alone, that my words could help someone, who I didn't. I used email. I talk to them one on one though cause it is personal and that is where we all need to know trust with another person's life and not to talk about others to hurt no one but only help them, for we all know why some talk and it is only gossip to hurt someone and only see the bad and never help no one. All talk should be for good if only to help someone or never talk at all. He told me people who didn't want to read it could delete it like spam and no harm done. A man will read a little at a time on his own time when nothing to do with time but give him a book and he might never pick it up cause he says he don't have the time or it may not seem interesting to him and he misses out on alot by not knowing what's inside. Reason we say don't judge a book by its cover, its what is inside that counts. God knew I had the time and took it to find answers cause I search the truth looking at both sides, I analyze everything to death to get the truth how it works, he knew what I done to get them too and to keep it to myself done only me good, so use what time I took with him to get answers and share to those who don't have as much time as me. God Bless all that read and can use it to make life better and happier. Smile God loves you and so do I. Even he wants a smile on everyone’s face for all the right reasons. Smiling and laughing till you cry it hurts for a good reason and you are having the best time of your life. Not every person can be a preacher but we are all teachers of love who choose to be. All it takes is treat others and love others, as you want to be treated yourself. Don't expect more than you do yourself. For all things we do have a price good or bad, you choose your own reward and I don't like punishment but I accept aging knowing I deserve it and can see it everyday. LOL Don't mean my heart has to age though and grow cold as ice, stay young at heart and never grow old to enjoy life to the fullest. For we love God as a child to have his love back to want to please him cause I never want to loose his love then I am alone and that is fear, I know he has all power to do things that is impossible for a man can't save me only God. For I put all trust in him to never hurt me but only punish me when I do wrong to know better. Know our boundaries and all is ok with God. Be careful not to tempt God though for I seen a man do that and I fear for him and I don't want to walk in his shoes at all, I can only pray for him to see the meaning of life and love. For a man to live without God will only find misery and depression, some never see why but accept it as life and not see nothing good. Look how many doctors are making money off of it and giving pills for bipolar and more, never talking to find out why and what caused it. Pills to not care and feel, same as drugs and drinking to feel no pain. Some need it some don't. They walk as the living dead and blind to life and love. Give a man a reason to live and love and you have done your best. I never meet a stranger and I fear them not for they are only human and all have a heart like me. Be kind for you never know when a kind word means more than you think for it is showed back when someone thinks no one else cared to notice. It gives them hope good people still left in this world that care. Times don't get better with time it is a fact the world has gotten worse and we fear for those we leave behind. For technology has done more damage than good but the things of this world has got more attention than God so he is left behind till needed and that is wrong for he isn't to be put somewhere and forgotten or abused either he has feelings too and without him a man would have nothing not even his own life. Give credit where credit is due, he had a reason to make you. Which do you prefer the knowledge of life or the knowledge of the world? Wisdom gets you along way too and makes life simpler not to worry so much of things you can't change and can change. You choose as Adam and Eve did on the trees. I myself just want enough knowledge of the world to get me by in life for more is a waste if I don't use it. Knowledge of life and love is something that is everlasting and never dies not even after death. For it goes with us and left behind as memories and more. It is priceless.

I invite you to turn now the familiar story in Daniel 3 of the young men who were cast into the fiery furnace. What can I possibly add to all that has been taught and written? Note the young men were cast into the furnace having their garments. Do you have the proper garments for the fire? The garments of Ephesians 6 would be a good place to start. Notice they fell down in the fire. They could not stand in their own strength. They were helpless. When the fire was the hottest, when they were most helpless, God came right into the fire with them.
They were then found to be walking in the fire—not standing, not sitting, but walking. When we are totally helpless, when the fire is the hottest, that is when we can then arise and walk in the strength of the Lord our God, commune as friend in the swirling, dancing flames, and find his strength perfected in our weaknesses. We are not to sit, nor to stand, nor to run, but to walk confidently through the fire as we receive direction and guidance from the one who trods the fire with us.

How many know what a natural high is? What causes a man to enjoy life and wish time never stopped? A man is willing to loose sleep for knowing time is short. You hold on to it and in fear of letting go never knowing when you will find time to do it again. It hurts no one not even yourself. The best feeling a person can have and wish it would last forever.

Take the things God gave us and see it this way. Sun is God watching us and it is bright for all to see, moon is a nightlight to let us rest but he still watches over us while we sleep, stars are angels helping. Rain is tears to wash all away and make better. Wind is God's arms around you and when the right wind blows it feel so good. Lightning is God's finger pointing down. Clouds are pictures and cotton candy or a soft pillow to lay your head on or jump around on and never fall thru. Nature comes in seasons, the dead comes back to life, we nurture it and it grows better and more beautiful, we don't care and it wilts and dies. We burn it and it is gone. Hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, all is God's anger to make us stop, listen and watch to remember he still has control of what he made but can take it away too, for someday he will make all new again and the old is gone. We mourn for one life and tragedy is seen as more death that comes in numbers. It comes sometimes with warning and sometimes no warning. As he will come in death or as Revelations says for both is the same, he can't choose who goes with him but a man does with his heart and how he uses it. Be ready at all times; don't be caught in sin that you don't have time to get forgiveness for. Be careful how you walk, talk, hear and see all things not to be fooled and loose out. Who controls you, it isn't self but the master you choose to serve guides you. Don't deceive yourself in thinking you don't know. For the truth is what feels right to all mankind and hurts no one. You lie to yourself and you only hurt yourself and others around you. For every man wants the truth, to lie makes any man angry, truth sometimes can hurt but if you feel shame then you know you are living wrong. Truth hurts no one but a lie can. God says a liar want enter the Kingdom of Heaven so don't lie to yourself cause it want protect you only destroy you. Your best friend is with you all the time who is it? Who do you trust God or the devil with your life for both are there all the time? I have found trusting in God the devil runs so he don't stick around much he goes to bother others but give him a chance and he will come back like giving candy to a baby to tempt us is how he works and he makes it all seem good. For those who say they do as they like and going to hell, do they stop to think what Hell feels like, do they enjoy pain themselves for to believe and trust the devil in life with him and no way to get out of eternal damnation with those who believe him. Satan will laugh at all he torchers and feel nothing, as do the rulers who control from evil and kill that we all hate, so why do people love him. How much pain can you take? Love you all and I pray for happiness for all that comes from true love. Get up and enjoy life whenever you can, spread all the good things in life that feel good, don't you want everyone to feel good. Smile and love is contagious in every situation. Keep the candlelight inside burning don't let it go out, for it shines in every man's eyes and his actions to prove who lives within. For all beauty is within that cometh forth to be seen by all. The devil was handsome but ugly to the bone. Remember a rich man loves himself and finds pleasure in self and no one else, he turns his back on people and thinks he is better than others and deserves it, that is a man that the devil made rich, a man who sold his soul to the devil. There are 2 rich men, but described for us to know the difference. Money use it wisely and know how you got it is the only way you know who it comes from. Birds of the same feather flock together. All things God will give to man that deserves it and uses it wisely but we don't get something for nothing.

You know I never know where the future will take me; I might not be able to email my friends all the time. There is a life outside of this but this is the easiest and fastest way to keep in touch with those I can't be with in person. For all I meet are with me all the time in my heart, I can see them in my memories. I do know the devil hates me and I don't care, he will do his best to stop me but he will have to kill me to do that. He done tried that and failed using the love I know and didn't want to live without. For the devil is the only thing we can hate and his works not people for they know not what they do to themselves. He may take all I have away as he did Job but that want stop me either. For do all know what is sacred? We are to respect ourselves and others as we do God. For God lives in all, we are his temple. We don't trash a church or tear a bible up. For those who think they can run thru town naked and feel no shame go for it cause only a child who knows not right from wrong could do that and feel nothing. My work is more than a job to me, the money gets me things I need to survive in hopes I can always take care of myself without others but we all know we depend on each other if nothing but to love us back. I put as much dedication in my work as I do people to please them, I will do my best to bring the dead and disabled back to life but if it needs more than I know I will tell the truth of what a person can do to get another or get it fixed depends on how much they can afford and its use. I know everyone will need a computer in life eventually for we are being forced to change. I can describe each computer as a person but it has no heart. Everyone I work for is an adventure in knowing who they are to enjoy socializing and work at the same time. Sex is to be kept sacred and secret too cause how many would go in town and do it in front of all to see and watch, would you do it in front of your parents. I always hope God closes his eyes then but even he sees beauty in it when done right cause he knows it is love shared. And it isn't to be shared among all for the rewards of sharing sex brings diseases, life threaten if not curable and destruction who use it wrongly. Look at marriages gone and some only have to be caught once and some don't forgive, the trust is gone. Honestly do you want your girlfriend, boyfriend, wife, or husband to share all with someone other than you, do you want more for fun, a room full to share and feel no shame. I know some aren't loved back and can cause them to sin out of love they want so much and can't get at home, they stay for their kids and all they earned not loose it, it is being forced to love or in hopes to be loved back someday to be with only as a friend. Talk before it gets that far gone and it can't be fixed. Don't let love die in a marriage but then don't blame yourself if you know you are loving back with all you got and no one cares for you but only what they can have with you and it isn't love. You ever noticed what people ask first, how much money do they have, what do they look like, who is their family? All that is not promised no man and can be lost in so many ways. What happened to what kind of person is that you want me to know and make a life with for that is what a person should see? I want to know where the dedication is to self and others. For a man dedicated will do all things the best he can in fear of failure. We do live different outside of a church? For church is sacred. It is knowing all things to enjoy it all at a given time and place. For those who know and some still finding out, I been divorced 2 times and to me is a failure and I am ashamed but can't change the facts of life. I am branded for life by a man and law only. It wasn't cause love died our hearts weren't joined anymore when things go too far. My forgiveness was used too many times for them to please self and that is the truth. For they knew I was easy to please and used it to do what they wanted, they hurt me and I took it till God said no more and I could fight back to protect myself and the ones around me that I loved that got hurt too. I don't blame them or myself, just the devil for they lacked willpower of love and hurt more people than me. I gave it my all, they both left in shame for I wanted the truth even if I got hurt and I don't go back into the frying pan to bet burnt again once papers are signed for divorce. Cause then what would they learn from love and my heart don't trust them that much no more but I forgive them and love them as a friend. We are still friends even divorced. For they are still human and we share our kid’s cause I didn't have them alone. I still hope they find dedication to one. For they are still living and have a chance to do right. I will tell a man my sins cause I know I can't hide them no more than I can hide from God. But don't judge me or no one cause all sins but 2 are equal in God's eyes. We ourselves judge and condemn ourselves on who we are and serve. 2 sins you can't change, once done it is over. Some sins God hates and despises cause he knows all sins only come from evil, some hurt worse than others do, those that hurt the most angers God and he himself knows characteristics of sin a man does controls him not to ever change and see himself, why he warns them with eternal fire for few change and he can't stop them to change them. So be careful and see yourself to know yourself and the things you do, ask why you do them, is it out of love and something you want others to do even your own kids, who will you protect others from doing what you know is wrong and hurts.

Remember a computer, it is the world at your fingertips. All a man can want to know is here to be discovered. It can be used right or wrong. It works for you and no one else. Some depend on it like life support. It has no heart so it is capable of destroying a man's life with things he would never have known without it. A TV, music, talk, it is how we use it and its purpose as all things in life are. If you took all technology away what would a man do? Would he know how to live without it? It can be addictive as anything can be. Reason I only want to get one going to please the customer to do what he wants to and not responsible for what he does with it. But I fix them all like they were my own. If I can't fix it, I will tell a man why, not lie. I refuse some cause I don't have the knowledge it is for college degrees. I can't sit at one to find out everything about one other than how it works to keep it alive for I know some it is their only communication to their friends and that gives it meaning if nothing else does. I want them to work fast so a person can live outside of one cause time is precious. Some depend on it for their families cause it supports them. If you think I sit here all the time you are wrong. I only come in my spare time to do things. I live around it. People come first in my life. If I could get the whole world to love we would have a perfect life. Will you help me, all it takes is looking up to God and ask him what he wants you to do that can make a difference, do you have the willpower to take on the devil and fight him back with love. You can't do it if you look at faults and can't let go of the past to forgive a person or then you will think no one can change for the good. Marriage and divorce prime example of our relationship with God, he can't keep people with him if they don't want to stay with him and please only self. Do you have enough faith to walk thru fire and not get hurt? Some leave him in shame and that is sad. How many stars fall cause an angel failed? For even angels are judged. But he will take them back if he knows he can trust them not to hurt no one. How many friends have parted cause someone got hurt and couldn't forgive? How many families part and don't talk? How many use people is the same as the people who use God to get what they want. Who do you want in the middle ruling you God or the devil? What if the devil was our president to rule us all, he comes with many disguises to fool us and even he works miracles to be seen as good. Preachers who use God for money, do you know them? For God warned us. Children growing up today without love and no one is teaching them, they are trying everything and seeing it as accepted in life as no wrong, I wish my home was big enough for those not loved. For my home everyone is open and free to do, as they please not forced to do nothing but told and warned of what can happen to choose. I never was good at punishing, but wanted all to be a will and learn from their mistakes, for that is the hardest to teach, a will to love and self-control not to hurt no one even if it hurts. For a man can only please God with a will he can't be forced too. If you are being forced to love ask yourself why and what you choose other than love that feels better than love? For there is no fear in love. Some may see me as wrong but that is ok. I believe in only 1 religion and 1 faith to serve. You are a Christian or a sinner. Your faith is either for God or the devil. For nowhere in the bible in the beginning was a brand put on one. So can anyone tell me where all the faiths come from to make them different, there is only one bible, one God and his words he said do not change or take away. So why can't all Christians come together, for in Heaven we aren't separated by brands, race, sins committed. Life is not black and white but full of colors. What if God gave us all in black and white, that would be depressing and nothing I want to see every morning.

For those who believe once saved always saved and all sins forgiven and can sin everyday the same as a sinner I would like you to read this and study the verses yourself to think for self cause I get my answer and you can get yours to please self and your beliefs. A person can be blotted out of the book of Life, plain and simple writing, I can't argue with what is written but let a man see himself. Jesus didn't die for us to make sin right by no means. If you feel no shame or guilt while sinning you better be asking yourself why. Rev. 3:5. It is written in red after his death to warn those who accepted him and did not walk as he taught them to do after they knew him. The link has some scriptures for a man to study and find out the truth for himself. If I am more strict on my life then that is ok too. But to me I am not. For to me love is easier cause it hurts no one but we learn what does and stop it before it is too late, I will suffer for love before I give it up and it comes with the best feelings a man can have. So I am willing to take the good and the bad in life to never stop loving to understand it. If I stop loving then I have all to loose and I don't want no one to follow me or listen to me for then I am headed to a place that is no good for anyone and that I wouldn't share but be forced to share with others against my will. I have noticed how a man will look at some scriptures and not use them all to please himself. Laws of divorce I have studied in great deal because I never wanted one and I don't want God to divorce me either cause I never want nothing to come in between our love and Jesus is there too for without him I would be in big trouble, he is my Lord, savior and true brother as God is my Father and ruler of all. Those laws changed by God and then man made it easy without proof in 1970 cause people can't be satisfied anymore, took too much time to prove anything and too many unsatisfied people wanting change and didn't care who got hurt, just who got what when it ended so now all is divided equally whether they deserve it or not. Read Romans 7, Corinthians 7, and Hebrews 13. In the Old Testament people were put to death so they could remarry. God made changes in laws only and sacrifices with time and the knowledge of man has increased tremendously. I wish all preachers would read them. For they confused me after my first divorce and caused me to sin in not knowing the truth. If God hadn't talked to me I would be dead and that is the truth. I condemned myself not by a preacher but reading words they did and I wasn't going to live as an adulterous or a whore waiting on my husband to die, or thinking because he sinned and I didn't I had the rights to remarry just because I was a Christian. Both my husbands said they were Christians, how did I know if they were or not? My first husband became a preacher and quit cause he couldn't save his family and gossip in a church that was a lie, the tears that man cried and what he done later I will never understand. I only knew they hurt others after I married them and all people know how to love just they don't stick with it, they change and there is a reason for it. Another man's sins doesn't condemn us only our sins do. God tells us how to conquer sin, stop it and love as he intended it for since the beginning of time. Love isn't a sin. He only forbids sin cause it hurts others as well as ourselves; he knows the damage of them all. I can see them now plain and simple. I warn you because I don't want you to find out the way I did. When God is done with me talking then I will hush. For I read my own letters after he is done using me to write them. For after my last divorce I told God to use me anyway he pleased and my life was His and I am not perfect, I had no idea this would be one of them. To use me to prove love and hold people together is my work, to give a man a reason to love when he can find none, cause my last husband wanted proof that he couldn't see but thru torture and control of another man and got his pleasure that way, when I faced him with the truth he asked why couldn't I have some blond in me, he hated I found out, his fear was me telling others, reason I never had a lawyer. I feared him as did others and my future is in God's hands. It is hard for me to tell a man the truth in person fear of hurting his feelings so I have to watch how I use my words but I find away with God's help or say nothing at all. If a man ask me he will get the truth so if you fear the truth don't ask me nothing and I refuse to argue with anyone for no man sees the truth angry. I will discuss anything with anyone to see all sides to choose for himself and no harm is done but if a man chooses wrong he can only blame himself.

None of us our perfect. Be it a sinner or a Christian. We will all sin as long as we are living somehow, someway. So what is the difference? For every man knows God in some way and Jesus. The best way I can tell you. A sinner doesn't care who he hurts, feels no shame or guilt. Once we accept God we know the difference, it is our choice to obey or not, we will be tempted, we learn from our sins to not want to do them, we learn the same way kids learn. We feel shame and guilt when we do wrong. We admit when we do and ask forgiveness in hopes we do better. No man walks in this life perfect but only 1 did and that was Jesus. I have had some tell me not to worry about my sins just because I am a Christian, I can't do that. If I did wrong all the time what examples would I be giving a sinner to even want to be a Christian. Christians are to be examples for sinners to want to become Christians not condemn sinners or think we are better than them when we all sin and come short. I can only give a man a few scriptures not the whole bible that he can read for himself if he wants too. Matthew 7. Jesus didn't come here to judge us but show us, teach us and save us. Christians should have the same love in their heart as Jesus did for us and set examples in how we live and love others or what was his purpose for coming to show us, teach us, and suffer himself. Laws of the land made for a reason to teach us and warn us not to do them and the consequences. When we do wrong we go to jail, we serve our time, we are punished here on earth, some sins come with more punishments, they all come with a price, some we get a ticket or a warning. We all know them. If a man can commit murder and be forgiven how does he become a Christian and us all forgive him, he has to change for love. When he changes will we see him as a Christian or a murderer? Can you look past his sins to see him change and forgive him? He has to prove it, he can't keep murdering. When we hurt someone we stab them in the heart, not much difference is there. Only we don't kill no one they are still living but the scars are there, they can only heal one way. Every man has felt it to know it. When a person does meth, we see it, he has only harmed himself, and how do you help him stop or do you not care. Some can't help themselves they need help, they have give up. Those that change we are thankful for cause someone cared to help. They had to find a will to do that. John Chapter 15:13 one verse I knew to be true, greatest love hath no man than this, that is a man lay down his life for his friends. But that doesn't mean we take our own lives to prove love for we can't prove nothing dead or tell why afterwards. Every man that goes to war is in chance of loosing his life for people he hasn't seen. But he does it for love. Kids get killed in wars and they done no wrong. But war has been going on forever. Some we hear and some we don't. All wars are suppose to be to protect the innocent for peace, love and freedom for anything else is wrong.

If any man can prove what life and love was made for without using God and his words. I would love to hear his version. I know Atheists and some scientists say God don't exist. If he don't then why do they fight him so hard and do their best to condemn him so we don't know him and take God out of all we are based on. You have no idea how many kids I have talked to that don't know God, I am not going to tell you what they tell me word for word, for it isn't good at all and they can't see him to know him, but I love them and do my best to teach them a little at a time. Some never want to leave here. Some have been raped by their babysitters. Schools are not the same as they were. Kids aren't being taught anymore by their parents they are raising themselves. Some kids tell me they are bisexuals and lesbians and don't know why or which one they should love, they are teenagers. What kind of answer would you give these kids? Some are buying books to find out how to do witchcraft for the power to do things; they say the book is by the bible in the library. 2 I know told me how to use it and what they got out of it. Some have so many dads I can't keep up with them; they cry for all of them, tell me about each one. Some tell me how a kid gets more than another because of a dad or grandparents, so they don't feel loved like the other one. A kid always gets hurt in a divorce and they don't have a choice. Scary isn't it, what happens when God isn't being taught in homes no more, who teaches the kids. When homes are torn apart, full of anger, kids want to know the cause, some blame themselves. Kids are cutting themselves today. I can't remember the name they call themselves. They watch their parents and how they live, they watch how they treat others.

A book I wrote and redone tells about true love, all the good in life, how to hold a marriage together, how to choose the right one for life but knowing a man can change anytime if he looses willpower to love, things I wished I had known when I was 17. It is different than what I have gave you. I can't sell it, I can only give it to folks out of love. I took out the middle so no one could judge my husbands, I still have hope and only feel sorry for them. Their kids need them to change, they hurt watching them do as they do. My husbands are trying now, that is the good thing, and I never give up hope.
So to all who know me and those who might not. Where does all my happiness and smiles come from. It comes from knowing God. It comes from being a Christian. It is knowing the things I can change and the things I can't to accept it as life. We have to know good and evil to know where it comes from. That as long as we live is a part of life. Not blame God or people. Know where all things come from to deal with it. Some think being a Christian is too hard when it is not. It comes with the best rewards a man can have. We can see the bible in everyday life and in each person. But a man who can't see nothing but himself looses all a man can have in this life. It isn't pleasing self. Right a list of all things that please you and make you happy that don't hurt no one not even yourself. Happiness is all around us, don't let sickness, health, people and age take that away. A Christian is always satisfied in what he has and accepts it. A self person is always wanting more, never satisfied and do anything to get it even if it hurts someone, they only think of self. I had to show you were all evil and good come from so you can have a better life who choose to do so. We are suppose to help those who can't help their selves not give up on them. Life doesn't revolve around self but all people. Are you happy with yourself, would you want others to have your life, if not how can you change to become a better person to give all a reason for living. Love ya.
I was given this poem last night, just wanted to see if you know it’s meaning, I do but some may not. If anything you got from me can help someone please use it. So many people not loved today, no family, kids and elders I have met, they really don't have no one and that is sad. I don't believe in women preachers but God has used me in silence and other ways to teach love. I didn't feel worthy being a woman and knowing I wasn't perfect, who would believe me. But God said no man on earth walked perfect but one, but even Jesus said only one good and that was God.

It was for the rich,
It was for the poor,
It was for the sick,
It was for all.

God words he gave,
no man can speak,
that hasn't sinned thru us he speaks.

See I make mistakes for I am not perfect this is how it should have been written.

It was for the rich,
It was for the poor,
It was for the sick,
It was for all.

God words he gave,
no man can speak,
that hasn't sinned,
thru us he speaks.

Reading this and the time God gave me to write it was short. Could you read it that long or had you rather have been enjoying something other than God for you find no interest in his words or talking to him? God's message was to warn folks. The blind are leading the blind as he says they do. God wanted folks to know you can't use his love and forgiveness to please self and get to Heaven, for then all he taught us to do was meaningless. For Jesus come to save the world not die for the world, but was his last chance to prove love and where it came from to know God's love and show us how to live, for God himself a man can't see to prove he exists and know his love but only thru faith do we know God. Thru faith we serve him to know him and prove our love and obey his rules with rewards here and in Heaven. We who know him will suffer as Jesus done for love and not be ashamed to know God to prove love. God gave up his own son's life and couldn't bear to watch him suffer to prove love, reason he turned his head and Jesus said what he did before he died. God could only ask himself how could they kill an innocent man that done no wrong and find justice, was the same as killing an innocent child and feel nothing. God's children how could they do that was heartless and cruel. People could have stopped his death with love for each other and putting all their faith in God. God cried cause his kids knew not his love for mankind and killed the innocent. We have to know what God sacrificed for love of people and that we do the same for his love and love of others. The ones there to watch knew people could have stopped it and wept watching him suffer to prove love and others felt nothing, where was their love. For if we use love of any kind to only profit evil then we do wrong. Matthew 16:24-28 is how we should live once we know God as well as Matthew chapter 18 is how we humble ourselves as a child to God to obey him. For God takes care of all his children who love him back according to his words and obey him. For no sin goes unpunished. People have confused sin with sin everyday. For laws were made not to be broken to please self, he gave us laws for a reason to know sin and its punishments. Look at your own kids and what you want them to do and then you will understand. We want the best for them but we can only warn them to choose, once they are own their own it is their choice in how they live in hopes all we taught them stays in their heart to choose from and look past our sins we learned from to choose ourselves, for parents aren't perfect we learned the same way our kids learn. If they choose wrong and we taught them better we have done our best as God has done to teach us. We only started with 10 commandments to live and know sin, for without laws we wouldn't know sin and its consequences. Then God gave us 7 he hates and 6 he detest, that are only the devils way, those control a man to please the devil and a man who finds enjoyment in them will loose out on love and knowing it. If you know those 23 and do them not then you hurt no one, not even self. For only 2 unforgivable are death only done to our self and can't be undone to change for the good. If I could teach the devil to love we all would live in a perfect world and no one would get hurt. To break those laws we only please the devil and our fooled by loving only ourselves if we find pleasure in them. For then we think of self and not God. As do kids please themselves in hope their parents don't know what they do wrong to find out themselves and hide them but want our forgiveness to always love them. We do love them but we still know when they do wrong they will get hurt and we can't stop it but let them learn. If they are wise they will stop knowing only serving God and obeying his laws will they find the good in this life and thereafter.

Remember the same we want our children to be is what God wants us to be, for those who love their children and only want to save them as God wants to save all of us so no harm comes to us.

What man likes pain and suffering? How much can you take? For those who choose not to serve God and obey they will know it for eternity. Think what that feels like, will you risk pleasing self to enjoy that thinking he made forgiveness to excuse all sins. I pray not for all sins are accountable for after being saved, for I love you all and see good in all to only want all to have a life of love and never part. I alone can't do nothing as Jesus alone couldn't save the world either.

Gluttony, took me time to get its meaning from God. It is abuse to ourselves from overdoing things and we see it everyday. We can look in the mirror and not like what we see. Takes willpower to love ourselves to stop for God lives in all of us to know him who choose too. When we hurt ourselves we hurt God too but we feel and see the pain to know we alone done it ourselves, no one else did, so we can only blame self and the devil made us do it, for God didn't. It is more than eating. It is the way the devil laughs, he finds the smallest thing to destroy love that a man is too blind to take notice and stop beforehand not knowing. Think of the willpower it takes to change yourself to look like you want too and be accepted by all. The devil knows every man's weakness if only one. Why is 13 unlucky, it is the 13 signs of the devil himself we all can see. Remember you can't overdo love, the only thing we can do too much of and get by with.

I will let you know something. I questioned the Holy Spirit cause I couldn't put a form on it to see it to know it. Now that I do how many would believe me cause they can see no proof. For that proof comes in knowing God and how he works. For all 3 are in one that dwells in our heart to teach us and others. Reason they are combined. But all with a separate meaning to understand each one. They all work together to know God. How we know each other that know God too, we feel comfort together as we will in Heaven as angels do and peace like no other. God give me the answer why we don't make love in Heaven as we know it here on earth for I always wanted to know that too. Patients and will to know things most men just accept and never search the secrets as God said all men who asked he would reveal them with time that he would understand. For as a child we learn with time so do we who seek God and all things to know him that each man is capable of knowing, for some like the retarded can't comprehend all things to be judged for what they can't seek. Each has his own knowledge and wisdom that he seeks and ask God for. How many do that and quit to be satisfied with only what a man teaches? How could I prove to you I couldn't write nothing before until I searched the truth, never knew how to write a letter cause I had no words to speak. Never knew any to start with. Reason I always made a better listener and always feared others didn't want to be around me cause I had nothing to talk about and I didn't want to bore them. Was always thankful for those who chose to be my friends and liked to talk themselves so I could find something to say back.

How many know how the Holy Spirit works. For I as a woman didn't feel worthy to speak at all and my past, but he used me but how many will believe that and see me and not my past of things I didn't know but found out with time. Watch and listen for things are going to change to prove what I talked about, many already see the things I do and I thank you for the responses back. Man has put himself first instead of God to please self. The end has been told for years so now who will believe it. The kids, technology, divorce and marriage today all proof God is being left behind for folks to please self, too many have made a mockery out of God, nude churches now. I give thanks to God for all he gave me to speak cause I couldn't do it alone, I was scared of what a man would think and feared man, I didn't want to loose my friends cause I love everyone. Love you all. God gave me a poem to let me know who all I spoke too and why. That no man can speak of God that hasn't sinned, for everyman has sinned. What man has lived and not sinned? Who is worthy to speak and let people know the truth? I put God first and use my experiences to help people. I know the outcome of sin not to repeat it. We learn from experience. My whole life I have watched people hurt each other and asked why. I have watched people and where their happiness comes from. Time revealed all things by watching and listening of things I can't stop but only wish I could knowing love was the answer to all things good. For if all loved each other like God loves us then we would live in a perfect world.

For those who know I have been divorced. That was a lesson to me that I learned the hard way. I blamed women for divorces and men for the way they were because I seen women use men. Look how sex is used now by both, money and materialism too. After 2 divorces and watching both male and female I know now why so many divorces and people married unhappy. How many are dedicated to love and find happiness in it anymore. I thought love and God would keep a family together. I seen the things that destroyed my marriages and the causes that wasn't in the home, I see others too and talk to them. I don't blame my husbands, I blame the devil and the things in this world that changed them. I know in my heart they can still love and do what is right that takes more willpower than anything. When you see all causes of good and evil where they all come from many answers you get. One person alone can't do it all, it takes 2 to love. The bond I have taught you, 2 in all things come together to love for all the right reasons. God and each person, a relationship only known by self, a friend and a friend, sister and a brother, male and female to marry, a love for all mankind, for one alone can't love himself and find it. For God alone was before all and he made another to love him back and share all things with. How many know his love and talk to him as though he is here in person to never forget him and give him thanks? To know he alone can't do things he needs us that know love to help him. We are messengers of love to give a man a reason to live for God and accept his love. I faced the devil in my last marriage. A man told me he could condemn me to hell for all women had no choice of Heaven or Hell a man did. One thing he said he never got from me lust, I have never lusted, don't want too. Reason we divorced I would not treat him as a God, he chose the divorce not me. I was determined to teach the devil how to love. He even told me my pain and fear was to prove love because I was too easy to please and too easy to control he got pleasure out of it. Said he didn't know how to love, I got the bible out and he refused to read it. Said he made a deal with God to live his way here and for God when he got there. No man can do that. He didn't want people to know what he done to me and my kids or how he seen people underneath him, he thought himself perfect, reason I had no lawyer, he knew and I faced him with the truth and he said why couldn't I have some blond in me. He never wanted me to know but only obey, the last thing he wanted me to do was get sick so I couldn't leave the house no more and I refused to do so, he wanted me sick like his mom to prove love and make myself ugly so no one would look at me. I put God first and he hated it. Told me to go out and walk the streets as Jesus cause I couldn't love people and him too, I had to choose, he said I would talk to a serial killer to me I was married to one who didn't love people but could tear a heart apart and watch a man suffer while living. Said once married a woman had no choice, she was to please her husband first even when a kid suffered and couldn't walk, he got angry cause I took care of her first before him. I let God choose for me, why I never seen a lawyer but only signed papers delivered to me. He could have stopped it any time. I paid him the day of our divorce, he thought money bought love. I wanted nothing he had put in this place. So now you know some of my experiences.

Don’t judge but you tell me what kind of man storms out of a bedroom for 2 days after bringing a kid home from surgery that can't walk and all she wanted was something to drink. Can a man not wait? I was scared to ask why? Took me months afraid of him to ask him why. Said he couldn't help himself. Everything he done he gave me that excuse and wanted my forgiveness every time. I did till I finally took up for myself for I wanted to be treated like a human being not a caged animal abused. I asked God how much more was I to take and say nothing at all to please a man. I was willing to suffer myself to prove love till I seen others pain around me that he caused and others feared him they were trying to protect me from harm. I got my answers when a child suffered and blamed herself for the way her dad got angry at me and her and God gave me words to defend myself and let the man know he couldn't hide from God that God told me who he was and why. Forgiveness had no meaning to him, he used it to get his way no matter how much he hurt someone. I bowed down the day before he left to see what God had told me was true. I said yes sir, no sir is this what you want. He said yes and how it should be with a look I will never forget, there was no love in it. All I can do and anyone do is pray for any man that doesn't know love or use love to change before he dies for that is where all good things come from. Show love in all things we do. Love and kindness treat all even those who don't love back in hopes they will. Love those who can't help themselves for they have given up and condemned themselves for they can't find true love to feel it. God and love all things are possible.

I had request for my full book, but I couldn't give it out because I didn't want people to judge or condemn no one. The whole purpose of the book was to see love and evil, where it came from, to find true love and not be blinded. Always knowing how a heart can change and the reasons why, for each one is listed in the bible. God and love does hold things together but God can't be left out for any reason. Never blame God or self but the creator of all evil, Satin himself to know how he works to deceive self and people. If any become a better person or find a way to have a happier life, thank God not me, I was only a messenger. I gave you some of my experiences so you know how I know things and the outcome for without them I could prove nothing. Old Testament called history is proof too, names were mentioned there. I only gave you my name. When a man thinks he can hide the truth from God he is only lying to himself. God is the only one can judge and condemn. Never turn you back and think you can't do nothing, always pray if nothing else. God still answers prayers may not be what we want but then there is a reason. When destruction comes who will people blame God, for it was predicted. Weather, families against families, wars, and more we can't stop the future only accept it and love no matter what. The devil is working harder now than ever cause his time is running out. It hurts to see people that aren't ready and haven't been saved. Remember a preacher and a man can't save you only God can. After death is a new beginning for all, which do you choose? I hope to see all my friends in Heaven as well as all my family, but even I know some will not make it, that is why we work so hard to share God now in hopes they all do. For I don't know how we will know who will and who want when we get there, I don't want to loose nobody.

Every man knows divorces happens for a reason. They are never hidden, known by God and man. For everyone wants to know what happened, it is like being on trial and judged. How many Christians know that their sins are more judged than a sinners is that has just accepted God to become a Christian? They are looked at by man and God. How many sinners don't change because they say a Christian does the same? Christians are to set examples for the sinners to want to be one, reason we are looked at more and judged more highly by God. For a man when he accepts Jesus as his savior is accountable for all sins cause he knows right from wrong. Read the bible to find out why? A sinner already knows where he is going and doesn't fear nothing, how I don't know. I would. Being a Christian doesn't give you a right to sin and make it ok with God, punished on earth isn't the answer to make it ok, forgiveness don't count if you don't stop and mean it. But how can I prove that if a man doesn't read or listen to God? A man needs to fear repeated sins when he knows the outcome, for all sins are punished the same be it a sinner or a Christian. Christians are sent warnings to stop a sinner isn't. Be careful in what you read and see you can be fooled by the devil himself. The truth is the only thing that will set a man free.

Think about what all I have given you, seek the truth. You know when I talk to folks I hear the word so called Christians and the talk about them isn't good. Why do they say that? Cause they follow a sinners path not Jesus path. Christians do stumble and fall, but God does help them get back if they listen and obey his laws and commandments, sometimes people get hurt and do wrong, because the flesh is weak, then they beg God for forgiveness to help them get back on track. If anyone wants to know what a backslider is, how a Christian is judged different, read the bible. I can't remember the exact spot of them all, if I did I would be a genius and I am just a common person who makes mistakes like everyone else. Take notice how people see sins everyday in a person, be it a Christian or a sinner. Why do people talk about them, cause they can be seen and heard? Why do sins committed anger people and people look down on them? There is a reason. We are to feel mercy and pity for those we see sin, how many do that? When we see sins we are to help those people not put them down. How can a Christian put down a sinner if he does the same thing? How do you know if a man is a Christian or not? We can only take his word and watch to see if he lives it or not the same as God watches, if one stumbles we help him back up. When we see someone change to do better we all should be thankful and let the past go. When God forgives us he does and we know cause we feel it and do our best to please him not to stumble and fall again. Remember a persons words we all know can be with meaning or only talk with no meaning. When we talk to God it has to have meaning not just words. The prayer I prayed at 7 to be saved was only words that I myself didn't understand. I knew Jesus and God, I didn't know sin then, right or wrong. I was ashamed to tell anyone I hadn't been saved but then when I was saved I told everyone. Yes I have done wrong since, cause we do stumble, things happen and we get hurt, but that is how we Christians learn and makes us stronger, we admit when we are wrong not hide it or make excuses to cover them, we aren't proud of them either. If you were face to face with God trying to find an excuse he would tell you that you know sin only comes from the devil not him, why did you do it, only one reason. But if I stayed in sin there would be no forgiveness. Remember 10 commandments. 13 signs of evil in a heart those aren't signs of following Jesus or God, they are signs of who a man is following the devil. 2 unforgivable sins. If you can see sins then a person should see his own and ask why he does them. If he sees them wrong in someone else then he knows too. A man has to help himself and see himself to know why he does what he does. There is only one that can make a person sin, fight him back or he will do his best to take you down with him. If we know we are pleasing God and what he sees in us then we have no worries. Keep his light shining don't hide it under a bushel in darkness, that is his words. Do you understand that? St. John 8:32 I found it. And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. A new commandment for all men John 8:34-35. John14:12 tells what a believer does. John 14:21, 23-24. tells how a man loves Jesus to know himself. Read 1 John 4:15-21 to see who is called a liar and says he believes in God. First John 2:15-17. Can't deny the word we have to accept them all. First John 2:1-5 Who is called a liar and the truth not in him? For even it is written a man that keepth not his commandments and says he knows God is a liar, that there tells how strict God is. That is why a backslider is harder to get back with God than a sinner who has just accepted God. If I changed God's words to make sin ok then I myself would go to hell cause I would be misleading people and myself. You know if folks would worry more about what God thinks of them than what others think of them they would be better off. For we are to please God before man. If we do that then nothing should bother us. If we know in our hearts God isn't pleased with us then we should fear and change to do better. Fear what God can do to you not what people can do. Why fear God cause he can't let evil back into heaven and does his best to teach us while living as we teach our children, he gets angry when we sin cause he knows where it comes from and he wants us to know too. On earth we are tested and tried to prove our worthiness and who we serve. We have to prove to God how much we love him as a man himself wants proof of another persons love. How do we prove to God we love him, we can't just say I love you God, anyone can do that. 2 Peter 2:21 For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. That is one verse of a backslider that knew God and did it not. I hope I have covered all answers if not we can help each other, for isn't that what we do for love of one another. Help not hurt. We all know none is perfect so all I can do is my best in hopes to please God to the best of my ability. If you understand the Holy Spirit then you know where my words come from. Pray for each other to keep us all strong. God is the only way to know love and enjoy life for what it was made for. Love ya.

John 3:16
For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosever believeth in him, shall not perish but have everlasting life.

Break it down, for Jesus come into this world to save the world not die for the world. He come to show us as an example how we all should live, all his love hurt no one. People had forgot love and how to live, they were going back to all evil again that God destroyed once. Yet others didn't love him back, they done as Satan done God, jealous of his love and power to heal the sick and more, all good works. Jealous of his love because he asked nothing in return but love and the people took care of him as we all do others we love, he needed nothing but had it all, even he worked and was on a boat fishing. He prayed cause he couldn't save the world, what else could he do, he showed them and they didn't want to live it, the ones who did was small compared to all. What else could he do to get them to love him and see love to want to live like he did that hurt no one and only good come forth. He went to pray for 40 days and 40 nights for answers on how to get people to love again, many things he talked to God about there. He didn't want to die, that was his last choice to save the world. On the cross Jesus saw how cruel and heartless people had become that even death changed no one, they felt nothing as he suffered and in pain. Reason he forgave them the past, present and future cause they would not follow him and he couldn't save them, he said forgive them cause they know not what they do, but even his forgiveness can't save the world. Those who don't follow his footsteps are lost forever and he can do nothing, for they don't believe why he came here and was God's son. It is easier to believe who he is than walk as he did, for people love self more and find ways to please self before God, they make excuses for sins. He came as example to live for God to know God and to know God you must know love before all things, love comes first. For you can't serve 2 masters that is repeated time and time again in the bible. For every sin we do is against God and serving 2 masters not one. Reason we are to stop our sins when we know it is wrong and displeases God. Jesus was baptized as a sign to follow him in all we do. We wash away all our sins of the past not to be remembered no more by baptism to start over and walk the path of Jesus only. The sins we do afterward we are accountable for cause we know him. Baptism is a new life, reborn again to walk as Jesus done in remembrance of him for all is in love, he showed us, taught us and so few will follow. Strait is the gate leading to Heaven for few will follow. How many will suffer as Jesus done and not let Satan tempt him to do wrong? We suffer for love as Jesus done, always will for those who follow him. All his happiness come for seeing people happy, people healed and made better, watching others love back, feeding the people was socializing, even he went to a wedding and enjoyed himself. Played and taught the children. His life here wasn't all suffering and pain. He had good days and bad days just like us. How many see the truth and not blinded? For the ones blinded use love and forgiveness to please self before God.

We who love as Jesus did will lay down our own lives as he done for love, as some have, but not take our own lives, for it proves nothing, people still don't change unless they want too.

I know that line very well cause it so true, reason I am still living it proves nothing and you can't do nothing if you aren't here, and God doesn't forgive a quitter of love for that is an easy way to hell. Worse sin I ever done and lived thru it.
It comes with pain and suffering that we can handle, not being loved back and he helps us overcome it with more love and stronger faith for he has never give up himself.

Well God does answer prayers when asked how to teach making love, for I have kids and trying to date is hard after a divorce. No one teaches it anymore, too much is accepted as ok and done by parents and others to see no wrong in it. Porn shows it all, that is what kids are watching to learn. As well as TV and life they see it, they are so confused it is unreal. All people teach is unwanted pregnancies, diseases, reasons for divorce, how many teach love and its meaning.

You know making love has got to be one of the hardest thing to teach, when to, how to because it is love for one another to be shared, but not with others only one for it is holy and sacred and was suppose to have been kept private. I asked God how to explain it. For it is sacred like the bible and the church. We don't tear it up or trash it. When Jesus forgave those who used it wrong, he specifically said go sin no more. Sexual reproduction was to keep all good things God created alive. For without it all would be dead. All plant life, all animals, man would be dead. Satan taught man and woman evil to destroy all good things God created to do his best to trash it and make it ugly. For all God made was beautiful in his eyes, for all was in love.

To all who have read it, God's message, you are never too old to learn but when you are dead it is too late for those who don't. For all is a continuous experience while time never ends, for it is eternal, think when you awake from the dead all is revealed from the past, none is kept secret, all will be judged, we take things to lightly, how many things are serious anymore. We all like to have fun and enjoy life, so do I, but when God used me my eyes were open to more things for God is angry. I don't know about you but I don't want God mad at me. So I am doing my best to only do what God intended life for and to enjoy. For no one can take back the past only change the future.

I do know the way I believe I am stricter on myself than some are. So there is no harm done that way, I had rather be safe than sorry. You know I love all churches. I know why preachers and faiths so different. They don't see it the same. Who is right and who is wrong. You put all the preachers in a room and there would be an argument, why cause each one thinks he is right. Why can't they come together and study together with God leading. For only 1 bible and only 1 God. Use all the scriptures and explain them all with God leading. Remember also no preacher has ever come back to tell if he was right or wrong. So what proof does a man have? If he is wrong he can't come back to warn folks. I will tell you what God told me, preachers guide a person to God. They like us, only know what they interpret to be right, the same as we do. For when we accept God in our lives, we look to God for answers, read the scriptures ask God's guidance. For the bible is interpreted different in all religions. Put your faith in God not to be led astray and do wrong sinning thinking it is ok. Let God lead to get answers. Never argue with a preacher, just listen and find the truth yourself for everyman gets himself to Heaven not a preacher. When you get to judgment day you can't say the preacher told me so it want work. The personal relationship we have with God lets us know all things that are true to get us to Heaven if we put our faith in God and ask his guidance. To get to God we must know Jesus. One thought wrong a day is sinning everyday. For our thoughts can condemn us. There are scriptures how a thought condemn us. How many preach those? A man can lust and commit adultery in his heart. A man can kill a man and never do it in his mind but he can do it in his heart. See thoughts. See I myself will listen to any preacher, all faiths to know them. I can't tell a man which church to go to cause all that teach of God is their choice. But when a preacher condemns another he has God to answer too. That is wrong. For God says do not condemn or judge only he can. Hope that explains things for you. I only stop going to a church where a preacher puts me to sleep and I can't feel the spirit and I get nothing out of his preaching. They all that know God preach his words and a man has to interpret them himself with God leading to get the answer. Your heart tells you, that is the Holy Spirit leading a man to the truth that know God and trust him to tell him the truth. God will tell you the truth put your faith in him. Do you know why people worship idols? It is how they were raised and put their faith in a man to lead them. They only believe what they see and hear. They have never questioned the things they can't see and hear to know the truth. They just accept it. Their idols can be destroyed. Many folks follow their family to church cause they share God together, nothing wrong with that. But always fear God, get approval from God in all things you do, if you see yourself doing wrong, ask yourself why. What can I do to get God's approval so he isn't angry with me. It is all about pleasing God first and knowing God personally and his son. If you look to please self you will do wrong. Where ever you go, whatever you do, think God is there watching you. Don't do nothing to offend God and you are doing your best. For all things we do must be in love to cause no harm to self or others.You know the truth is no man alive that walks has the authority or power to say you can enter Heaven. Only God has that authority. Always remember that. For no man knows himself till he is judged and God lets him in. What proof does a man have till he gets there and knows he done all according to God's will. For none has ever come back to testify. I fear God for all good reasons, I want his approval in all I do. I do fail and do my best to get his forgiveness knowing I am not perfect. I have to prove to God daily I love him or I fall short. A man can tell if there is distance between him and God, for sin is what puts distance between us. The closer you are to God the closer God he is to you.Only 1 perfect man come here to testify and that was Jesus so when I said no man, I meant one that was not perfect ever has come back. So don't put your faith in a man put your faith in God for he is the only proof a man has and his words is in your heart written before the Bible, for none of us have seen Jesus or God personally. It would have been nice to live when Jesus walked, to hear him talk and ask him all things personally, to know all the truth. If you had met Jesus in his time what proof would you have needed to believe him yourself for the bible wasn't written then. We can only do that now thru the Holy Spirit, know God. God himself is proof of all things, look to him for all answers. Remember I was only a messenger to lead you to the truth, find out for yourself if all things I say are true, for I find out the same way any man does that loves God.

You ever been so close to God you felt like you were almost in Heaven? If you have then you know where I was while writing to you all. It is so much peace and comfort, a spiritual feeling, a feeling like no other, wish I could stay there all the time but I have responbilities as we all do and others to love. Today I was thinking about how people know if they have truly been saved or not, how to explain it to folks. My mom asked me that before she died. I seen her love, seen her enjoy God, but you can't tell someone they are saved. Only a person themselves knows that. She feared before she died, all I could do was pray with her. Then I didn't know what to do, how, I only knew to pray and her find out herself, I would love to be able to tell a person they are but I can't. Only God can tell you, that is a personal relationship with him, you have to know him, hear him and feel him to get that answer yourself. How a man can feel worthy to walk into Heaven knowing his own sins I will never know, God has to let you in after you are judged, I myself would want to hide all my sins so he didn't see any of them, you can't do that here on earth. We all know we sin, and the reason for each one we do. The day we are saved all those sins done before are never remembered, they are all washed away like they never existed, that is past, present and future, never remembered again by God for you are reborn into the spirit that day as a new person. The day we are is when we know sin, right from wrong and accountable for them. The sins we commit after we are saved, we will always know them and the consequences. People will see those sins as well as God, I believe those and how we love is how we are judged. For our rewards in Heaven all different based on how we live. How can a sinner be judged when he never knew God or Jesus, he just never knew God personally, so he only goes one place, directly to hell, doesn't matter if he done good or bad, then he looks up and can only wish he knew before he died and ask himself why didn't I live for God, I knew him and Jesus, why didn't I change to live for him, how dumb was I for pleasing self first thinking death was the end and I feared nothing and wanted to live my life my way. Sins don't get erased the same after we are saved, but can only be forgiven. We feel shame for those sins, we never want to do them no more, the shame we know is what stops us from redoing them knowing it wasn't pleasing God and only self. Pain and suffering can cause us to sin in ways we would never had done if life was going well. If we sin we know we are not pleasing God, where before we didn't think about that when not saved. I myself don't think young kids should be pushed to the alter cause they don't understand things, they don't know the convicting power and when you tell someone you have been saved and you find out later you aren't. It seems to be one of the most shameful things to have to admit. Why I don't know, guess the devil wishes you never asked God for proof you were saved as I did, cause a man that goes unsaved finding out after he dies isn't a good time, so don't take that chance with your life, no shame in asking God for proof. It is nothing to be ashamed to ask God for, the shame is people knowing, he understands and glad you had the guts to ask him cause too many like me that thought they were and weren't. I knew God and Jesus all my life, alot do, they know the bible too. I was 21 I think when I was saved and later baptized, prayed along time for God to show me and let me know for I never wanted to die a sinner and not be with God. We don't get a letter dropped out of Heaven to tell us either. What will a man sacrifice to get to Heaven and please God, all we have should be the answer for nothing goes with you? Ask and you will get all the answers I have, depends on how much a man wants to make Heaven is home knowing this life ends and all will be destroyed, all happiness a man knows is waiting to never end, we don't get that here because we live in a battle of good and evil daily, we learn from experience. No man knows sin till he knows right from wrong. Same as kids don't know, but we teach them, but that don't mean we can save them, think about that alot. But we know how to have it the best way we can love and do your best to do no evil and only good should come forth, but we can't always get the love returned so don't expect that from everyone, for if all loved there would be no evil, no kids hurt, abused and more that we all know is evil and some question God why he lets it happen. If everyone knew God there would be no pain and suffering. That is a price we as humans will know in many ways while on earth, to overcome all that we must know love and God. Only one place with no evil and that is Heaven. What will you do to get there, for no man can get you there but yourself. Your love and how you use it is what matters to God and that you show him in all you do to prove he exists in those who let him. If you aren't living to prove God exists then who are you living for? If it is self be careful for that is how the devil lived. He didn't think God would notice and could fool him with his own sinful ways to get what he wanted and it wasn't love, love for self maybe, pleasing self, wanting things and it all hurts someone else, some don't realize it either cause they find pleasure in it themselves. Think about sins you do that only you know and think you are hiding. They aren't hid, how many want everyone to know what they think and do, you might hide it from someone here but nothing gets past God. Hope I got all said if not contact me. The only chance you got to be saved is while living there isn't no coming back to make things right. How can a man feel he is worthy, he earns it only one way and it don't come from loving self first. Free to those who choose it. Free will.

You know I been asked why God said it was better a man never touch a woman. That goes both ways, even for a woman. Jesus knew that answer, probably reason he never had a family, more temptations stronger than any others, more ways to sin, God didn't make a perfect woman or perfect kids but one kid, Jesus, but then he said only one good and that was God, we don't know Jesus thoughts, we only knew man seen nothing wrong he done and told all he done was good. His blood was as innocent as a Lamb's, for it was part of God in him, not like Adam and Eve in an image made from dust. He done no crimes to be punished for. We know Satan was allowed to tempt him in one place and no one was there but Jesus, no other human around, the same temptations all mankind have alone, think of what he was offered. Mary was probably as close to perfect God could find to make her worthy to have Jesus, for there were more virgins than her. Job another God spoke of as close to perfect. Think what happens once you love someone else, you are doing your best to please someone you love and you don't want to loose that love. Where does pleasing the flesh come from? The closeness, comfort, the love we feel that is known in the flesh, you can't hold yourself, alot there to explain if it is out of love only, you want those things for a lifetime even after death cause it hurts no one, there is no shame in it. Only reason no kids in Heaven cause they too would have to learn sin as we all have here and know love to choose God or not, to teach obedience they too would have to learn and why. What does it cost to keep that love for another person if love is in it, it isn't bought with money or other things we know of that people want for proof of love that isn't proof at all but want rewarded with things that can be gone or replaced? How many worry about loosing what they earned in this life that another can take away? Trust, another thing, you never want to loose it. Can God trust you with his life, to love, cherish, obey and more? It is free but some want more than love to give love back. See nothing in life is free as we call free, but is a freewill to choose, person needs to know that. I could write a page itself on that. For God gave a man everything and still he sinned, so see what happened to God, he gave them freewill to choose and they needed nothing till they sinned and then they had to earn it all the hard way, don't nothing come easy. We all must know free will and what all it means comes from the heart to know it. Jesus always put himself last to prove love, his pleasures come from love returned thru all he went thru. What if only one man would have been saved, to Jesus one was worth it all, more was a blessing and worth even more, for he wanted all to love and the price he paid was worth it for others to know his love in hopes they would know love and return it as he did. We should do the same. How many say they can't? I have heard that too many times and nothing I can do but pray they find willpower that comes from love and hurts no one. I do worry about all I have wrote how one interrupts it, have I covered it all, God knows cause he is the one that helped me write, and I can't think what I want but what he wants people to know and use me to do it. But I do look up and say God you know a man, how he turns things around and doesn't see the truth, they know I am not perfect, why will they believe me, it isn't me they got to believe, it is God and what he wants to get you to listen to him before it is too late. He says look at how many turned the bible around and used it to please self, nothing a man does is perfect, to know perfect we have to know God and what he wants, should be what every man wants in this life and the life after.

Remember always and forever, we would live in a perfect world if God hadn't gave man a freewill. Are you glad he did or didn't? For then who would you feel like to not have one. How would God know his love was returned if he hadn't gave man freewill? What more could God give a man to love him? How many took time in their life to ask God all the questions I have and gave you to ask yourself cause I know people are too busy or too tired or too something? What are people doing with their lives? How many find true love and true happiness? How many think positive instead of negative to get the right answers? How many think of what God thinks and not self, for those answers please both when right answers. How many took time to think of the questions I have asked and took time for answers that requires patients and understanding. It don't come over night or born with, we can only wish it did. Remember God didn't make nothing hard, man did never satisfied with all a man needs. We didn't need clothes till man sinned. When a man has more than he needs where does it come from and how? It isn't something to be jealous over for it is earned if done right, no man gets nothing for nothing but nothing. Read Thessalonians about a man that don't work, don't eat. It is his words, wrote by a man. Are you glad I wasn't afraid to share all with you even though I truly was at first, cause it is known truth we fear what a person thinks and sometimes rather say nothing to keep peace and the love we have. If I repeated anything, I guess that is why the bible was repeated, for some it never sunk in.

You ever heard up a creek, without a paddle, the sharks will eat you alive. That is what life is like if you don't know God. If no one spoke for God how would a man know, for God doesn't speak to man the same as he once did when he created them. Too many people. Boy talking about scaring folks let his voice be heard for all to hear and stop them in whatever they are doing to take notice. He does in a different way now, some listen, some don't. If an earthquake was felt around the world, who is that talking and why? It will be a warning. What will you be caught doing when he comes back? Are you ready? Think of a spoiled brat kid, hope you aren't one who will argue with God to get your way.

Some know my granddaddy he was a preacher, well known for the truth and his love. I don't know who could live like he did today with all we can have, he would say we were living in hell if he knew life today and how people are living. I had to do alot of praying to know what we could do, to see what was acceptable and what wasn't and why. My grandmother didn't wear makeup, wore only dresses mostly with an apron and bonnet on, she was quiet, more feminine than me, like she was fragile, hardly ever left the house. I would never be able to live alone if I was like her, for I got more to do than she did, she had a man to help. Clothes, what was accepted to wear, tv with him was a no, music only gospel no Elvis allowed. But all things I knew, accepted as a child, God made and found all the good in it. There is peace and comfort in all God made and pleasures too. We all like to go outside and see what God made and everywhere something different for nothing is identical. Not even twins. To know all things we can enjoy, so much peace, comfort in all of it. What does an eagle feel like soaring across the sky, he is free and sees it all? How does a man feel on a motorcycle driving in the wind? A man in a race car with no speed limits? How would you like to feel free, no worries, no cares, you can, I feel it, just want to share it so you can feel it too. If you are lucky and have someone to share it with that don't make life hard you are blessed in more ways imaginable. You know God tells a woman and man what to do for each other, but I would really anger some if I told them that? 1 Peter chapter 3. Equal love is all I am going to tell you. Cause too many women have tried to change me and I am not going too cause I know what God said. I even had a man tell me not too, told him it is written in the bible a man does have authority over a woman, she follows out of love. But God never said do evil for a man, even told us how to talk to one. He made a woman more tender hearted and to comfort for a reason. Anyone should no why being a mother or a wife, we take more or suppose too, I know some of you men say are you crazy, yeah I know the same as you do some don't do what God said. But men you know too what you suppose to do too and I know why you don't cause I talk to know things. But men have a will to fight and protect, why is that, it was born in you to know that. A man or woman knows their place and should never try to overstep their boundaries, but I know they do and why, cause I listen, watch and I talk. You know why some don't read the bible, they don't like following rules, it isn't what they want. God had to tell all and some a man don't want to hear, for he gets punished and don't get what he wants if he chooses evil. Think if God never talked or told us nothing, what would you do, how would you know anything? You would be like a chicken running around with its head cut off, clueless without a brain?

Well I been enjoying music and a peaceful evening with kids, got some chores done. You know stop and think why we call things male, female and their purpose in life. Why do we call outdoor life mother nature when it was made by a man. Guess you could see it as God's wife, he needed help to do all things for a man to give him what he needed, God is busy teaching love. Took him longer to make things than it did humans. Then he had his hands full and he needed a break. Wander if he ever got to take another himself. For we know he rested on the 7th day once.

I do hope people are enjoying this beautiful weather we are having. I know I am. You know God said he didn't suffer a woman to preach and I know why. He never denied her either. A woman has enough to do, how many men want her job and having a baby isn't easy, even though doctors say as close to childbirth a man get is having a kidney stone and that is small. Some women never know childbirth with medicine to take it away. I had mine natural, the last one would have stopped me from having another I think. But God takes all that pain away to remember no more for a reason. But I have had to do both so long, doing a woman and a man's job, it comes natural to me. I didn't want this job but I took it for a reason, I love all mankind, want people to be happy and know love. I don't want to be a preacher, you couldn't pay me enough. They got more to worry about than me. Reason I told you to get the truth from God in case I left something out or you didn't understand something cause I know I am not perfect, but I do my best. I rather do what we suppose to do support a man and God is a man as far as I know. You all enjoy yourself. Too much good here that people waste, think positive not negative. Life is what you make of it, it is your choice what you do with it. Love ya.

Here is a new song God gave me. Blue is blood, red is the heart and white is pure. May God Bless You and Keep You Near. Stay close to God.

The End is Near

The Blessings of Love Are All Around

God's leading us All were Homeward Bound.

The Time is Short and Growing Near

For the Trumpets are Sounding Clear.

Our Worries and Trials are Almost Done

For God is Going to Carry us Home.

Be Ready my Children its Closing Time

For Heaven Doors will Open Wide.

Look in the East and Jesus Appears

Like a Light we will Disappear.

For those Left Behind will not Know

For their Sorrow it will Grow.

Be Ready my Children do not Fear

For the Day and Hour is Near

I Love you All that Comes with Me

For Forever it will Be.